Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Drains Flowing

Clogs are the major reasons homeowners contact a professional plumber. There are several things more frustrating than clogged drains.

Clogs normally occur at their worst times and are very frustrating to handle. This is especially true if you need the right service to handle it.

Clogged drains may become costly repairs based on the magnitude of the damage and clog, which might have happened from a prolonged backup.

Have you got a blocked drain?. The following are some great tips from the pros to help you keep your drains flowing:

1.   Consider Paying Attention to Water Temperature

You might prefer washing your hands in tepid water. But it is important to note that hot water may break up grease deposits, which lurk in a drain. So ensure you run hot water once a week, if not thrice.

There are times that you will need to run cold water. This is especially true when running your disposal. Running your disposal using hot water can make the grease melt as well as coat your drain.

2.   Provide Maintenance Regularly

Clean as well as deodorize your drain weekly. This will help to unblock drains, prevent buildup, and control odors. Apart from this, it also helps to get rid of organic matter in your drain, which attracts mites and flies.

These insects normally reproduce quickly and may cause infestation, thus, adding pest control to the list of your headaches.

There are several products in the market you may use to maintain drains. But most have acidic, caustic, or corrosive ingredients, which might damage your pipes.

3.   Limit The Use Of Exfoliants And Scrubs

It is okay to keep up with your skincare routine and enjoy an at-home spa day. However, you might want to avoid putting some products down the drain which have exfoliants that don’t dissolve.

Scrubs with some coffee grounds could be better for plumbing. If you use bath bombs, ensure you consider putting drain guards, which can catch large particles, such as flower petals.

4.   Fix Leaks

Don’t stop at drains alone. Consider inspecting your exposed pipes, appliances, and faucets regularly for signs of leaks. A dripping faucet doesn’t just waste water. It may get worse with time and become a bigger drain on your money and time.

This can be handled with trenchless pipe relining if you notice it early. If the problem is not handled on time, it may result in serious issues, such as water stains, damage from puddling, mildew, or mold.

5.   Do Away With Grease

If grease accumulates in your kitchen sink, you can fix the problem by using boiling water and liquid dish detergent.

This method may also involve squirting a tablespoon of soap into your drain and pouring hot water into the pipe.

Hot water helps in melting grease deposits, while detergent will dissolve grease and oil while allowing water to flush them away.


Concluding Remarks

Even with good intentions, clogging can happen, and you might require help from experts to get water flowing again. You can prevent most clogs. But a failed sewer line, because of infiltration or collapse, is not foreseeable. Fortunately, there are pipe reline solutions and tips that can help to get your drain clean and clear.


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