How To Select The Right Material For My New Windows Frame

Windows is an essential part of every house as it has many benefits. A window not only facilitates natural light and air in the house. But it also gives you a view of the outside. Apart from these, it has many other benefits. So, you have to select windows and siding efficiently.

Selecting suitable material for the window frame is not easy as many options are available. The following tips will help you in the selection process of perfect material of window frame-

1. Know your options

You might have heard that you will get many options while selecting a window frame. So before making any thought about the material of Windows frames, you should discover all your options.

There are the following material options for windows frames-

·  Wood window frame –

Wooden windows are the first choice from ancient times as it has a wide variety of design, strong material, help maintain inner temperature and other benefits.

Apart from these benefits, it also has some disadvantages that you can’t ignore. For example, wooden windows are relatively more expensive than other windows. In addition, these windows are less resilient to sunlight and water and require more maintenance.

·  Aluminium window frame –

Aluminium windows are also a good choice for your home as it comes with a stylish and sleek design. It doesn’t damage in sunlight.

The cost of maintenance and purchasing is also low. But it has fewer customisations options. It is also not suitable for cold weather, and it can boost your energy bills.

·  Fibreglass window frame –

A fibreglass window frame is also a great option as it comes with several benefits like more durable, suitable thermal property, resilience to all weather conditions, and more. But it is pretty expensive and dull for appearance. Moreover, the colour of this window also fades in sunlight.

·   Vinyl windows –

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These windows are also suitable for you as they are good insulators. It also has other benefits like providing thermal support, harsh UV rays, maintenance-free, etc. But this window has high customisations cost and less resale value. This window also fades in sunlight.

2. Know the purpose

Determining the purpose of the window frame will also help you select the suitable material for the window frame. However, there are commonly two goals for windows. One is the air ventilation, and another is the insulation of natural light in the home.

Fibreglass frames would be best for you if your purpose is ventilation as they are dimension stable and have air nooks that can fill the air insulation. However, the purpose of natural light can be fulfilled with any window frame.

3. Budget

Budget is also a crucial point that can help you select a window frame as the cost of all window frame materials is different. If you have a tight budget, you should ignore wood frames as maintenance and purchasing costs are more expensive than other windows frames. Instead, you can choose a Vinyl window frame as they are also budget-friendly and have good insulators.


The features of every frame material are different. For example, vinyl can look like a wooden frame, and the price of a vinyl frame is also lower than other windows frames. However, fibreglass and vinyl can last long, and these materials don’t need more maintenance. So now, it is up to you to choose the best material of windows and siding for your house.

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