Why propping equipment is compulsory during construction

Scaffolding steel poles, or propping are popular in the construction business as they are used as support while buildings are still being built. Having the proper equipment is essential in any construction project to provide the highest quality product both visually and structurally. Every type of prop or scaffolding poles has its’ own unique nature to match unique and varying needs for these props.


When looking at propping hire, Adelaide and surrounds are offering these days, you can see that props are basic structures.  They come in multiple shapes and sizes, but they have the same function – support.  Propping hire equipment have been able to do just that for a long time and still continue to do so to create a safe, secure area for everyone. Propping equipment are easy to install with its easy adjustment to the different heights of building levels or other required location. The fine adjustment feature of the props allows protected positioning of these steel poles.  Additionally, most propping hire in Adelaide is  lightweight so transporting them is quick and easy.


Some of the most common props using in propping hire are called Aluminium, Titan and Tilt Propping:

Propping hire Adelaide Aluminium Multi Props provide considerable stamina advantages over steel tubing options. They ensure a longer activity life and reliability, and weight advantages during their transport and installation. Multi Props provide a strong load capacity (up to 90kN) and complaisance – the MP 350, for example, can be extended from 1.95m to 3.50m with an overall weight of only 18.8kg.

Propping hire Adelaide Titan Props are a perfect temporary system for environments with awkward access, minimal space, or challenging manoeuvrability. If easy handling and very high load-bearing, is preeminent to your job, titan props could be the ideal solution. Titan Props are an excellent system for shoring slab work of essentially any thickness and height. Their extruded aluminium construction ensures ease of movement and installation, while its ability to work in both tension and compression creates versatility of purpose in a range of applications.

Tilt propping and back propping are mostly used for bracing concrete slab walls or other vertical structures during construction where the tilt-up technique is used during materials assembly.

Titan props are suitable for a huge range of propping situations, including back-propping. The props use a pivot-end design to accommodate any slope or angle. Each prop is clearly and permanently tagged with its working load capacity and a knee brace provides support during installation, for worker and public safety. Some businesses may have their own customised props, however this will vary on a business to business basis.


Do your own research is the best way to make sure you’re using a reputable provider.  Look at feedback from previous projects and clients that they have supported before. Consider asking a friend or colleague who has utilised this service, who they used and what they thought of the product.  Independent review boards or pages are also fairly reliable sources of information as most don’t allow the companies mentioned to amend or remove reviews they don’t like or agree with.

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