How To Paint A Wall And Give Your Home A New Look

Changing or renovating the house’s paint ensures a different look for decoration and gives new life to rooms or outdoor areas. But do you know how to paint the wall the right way? Today, Oahu Pro Painters brings a manual prepared precisely for those who have never painted the wall and need to do this task. Check it out below and see all the steps.

Prepare The Wall For Painting

Before starting the painting procedure, you must level the wall and remove imperfections. So, thoroughly clean the wall, and remove mold stains with bleach and a broom. Also, if you prefer, remove the old texture from the wall, but know that it is possible to paint walls with texture and still give them a new look. For masonry walls, it is recommended to apply spackle before painting.

Finally, use sandpaper or a putty knife to make the wall covering uniform and smooth. This alternative is highly recommended when you have just applied spackle, or the wall has old paint worn out and imperfections.

Watch Out For The Floor 

Line the floor with old newspapers or garbage bags. This procedure is essential so as not to stain the floor with paint spatter.

How To Paint A Wall In Practice

With everything ready, pass an adhesive tape between the junctions of one wall and another and the ceiling. Then follow these steps on how to paint the wall:

Read the instructions on the paint label. It may be necessary to dilute the material in a few parts of water before applying it – follow the recommendations exactly;

  • start by painting the walls with soft paint rollers;
  • use the smaller rollers and brushes to paint ceiling corners and other corners;
  • always leave the roller resting on the painting tray, which must contain the diluted paint that will be applied to the wall;
  • use the roller extender to paint the high parts;
  • after the first application, a new coat of paint will be required. The time between one and the other is four hours, on average;
  • if you find it necessary, make a new application of paint the next day.

What If The Wall Has Texture?

Textured walls can be painted similarly, as explained in the previous topic. However, you will need extra patience, as the texture can absorb the paint and require more applications than is commonly used on smooth walls.

In addition, it is essential to use larger brushes to do this task and to carry out the applications in a spaced period. Thus, when looking for how to paint a wall with texture, apply it, wait for it to dry, and repeat – until you have reached the desired shade.

How To Remove Paint From The Floor?

Dripped on the floor? And now, how to remove paint from the floor? This is the final step that corrects errors caused by inattention or dripping! To do this, use a solvent oil for paints sold in commercial establishments. However, its application must be made in an airy environment and with thick gloves. Also, you need to use a white, non-stained cloth to apply it and then rub the ink stain. Learn about professional wallpaper removal here.

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