How to Add Value to Your Home and Stick to a Budget

Most homeowners have heard that certain home upgrades can add value to your home. And with 79% of U.S. homes that need work, it’s likely your home could benefit. Although this is a universally-accepted truth, many homeowners are reluctant to update their homes before a sale. Why? Because they don’t want to undergo lengthy and costly renovations. But more often than not, unlocking the true value of your home usually doesn’t require an entire remodel.

There are a variety of speedy, low-budget, and most importantly, easy home upgrades that can increase the value of your home. These are the upgrades that will help you add value to your home on a budget:

  • Focus on first impressions
  • Paint cabinets and cupboards
  • Paint or replace exterior doors
  • Shed some light on great windows
  • Power-wash siding and walkways
  • Refinish hardwood floors

For the next 6 ways to add value to your home without breaking the bank, check out the rest of our tips here.


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