Renovating Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Plumbing Tips

When undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, plumbing is only one of the many aspects to consider. However, it is a crucial one as it significantly affects the space’s design and layout. Suppose you’ve decided to assume the project manager’s role for your kitchen renovation. In that case, you’ll need some plumbing repair tips to ensure you have functional kitchen space and perhaps even save some money.
The following tips will help you avoid the hassles associated with poor design or future surprises you can’t undo once the revamp is complete.

Keep the initial plumbing
Retaining your original drainage system will help you avoid a budget blow out and solve some nuisances. By leaving the sink waste and water services undisturbed, you can minimize labor costs to cut through the concrete to modify the drainage.
However, whether you retain your original water system is highly contingent on your kitchen’s layout. If you opt to expand the design, you’ll most likely be forced to do away with the old one.

Position the dishwasher adjacent to the sink
Plumbing services 101 dictates that the dishwasher’s best location is next to the sink, below its drainer side. While this might not be possible for some designs, it’s the ideal setup as it ensures a seamless fitting of the pipes. Besides, it enhances practicality when you want to wash the dirty dishes on the sink from the dishwasher.
Please don’t make the mistake of extending the piping as it may cause the pipes to burst. Again, the extra water connections mean unnecessary installation costs.

Choose your sink wisely
It’s hard to retain the sink when remodeling your kitchen. Most times, it has to go. When it comes to getting a new sink, you must put a great deal of thought into it as it will impact your kitchen’s dimensions and overall design. Eventually, it will shape your drainage system’s overall layout.
You’ll find that choosing a sink with a double bowl is more efficient as you’ll use one bowl for washing and the other for draining.

Provide adequate water connections
Don’t forget about your refrigerator when connecting the water, particularly if it has an ice dispenser and a water filter. As you’re mapping out the water system, consider where you intend to place your fridge. It should be located where it can receive water from the sink with ease.
You must also factor in filtered water taps and dishwashers when making the water connections.

Do you need a food waste disposal system?
A waste disposal system is another crucial consideration because it will limit you to the type of sink and needs extra attention when handling. For starters, it will require a larger sink drain outlet. Secondly, such appliances are usually a headache to repair and often necessitate an entire replacement.
Additionally, you must be mindful of what you wash down the sink, or you might end up with nasty clogs and foul odors.

As much as a DIY kitchen renovation project might sound like fun, professional plumbing services like Ideal Services can solve your troubles without much strife. Feel free to contact them for a free estimate on your plumbing repairs and installations.

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