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How to Make Your Guest Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel

There’s that time of the year when the summer is well and truly over, and you begin to think about Christmas. Family members will be visiting for the holidays and need a place to sleep. There’s the guest bedroom of course but let’s be honest, it’s not a place that gets much love. It tends to be more functional than cosy, with just the bare essentials and nothing else.

One of the essential factors in improving a guest room is adding personal touches that will make it feel like home. With a little planning, your guests can indulge in hotel-inspired luxuries that say you’ve gone above and beyond. From comfortable beds to lavish pillows and sheets, you can create a space that’s just right for them. In this blog, we’ll look at ideas to transform your guest bedroom into a space your visitors will not want to leave.

Sumptuous Bedding

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. It won’t matter how inviting the rest of the space is if your visitors can’t get a good night’s sleep. The key to a comfortable bed is sumptuous linen.

Let’s start with the sheets. There’s a reason hotels use crisp, white bedsheets. They reflect the establishment’s standard of cleanliness while exuding luxury. You can take a leaf from their book and provide your guests with pristine bed linen that will give them an impression of freshness. It will tell them that you have put great thought and care into their comfort.

Adding accessories like a plush mattress topper and firm pillows will make your guest sigh happily when it’s finally bedtime. Shop around for complete bedding sets UK to find products that will match the room’s colour palette.

Put Together a Hamper

Welcome your guest with a stylish hamper that will surprise and delight them. You can include luxurious products like scented candles, face creams, or an eye mask. Try selecting items you know your visitors will like but not necessarily buy for themselves.

You can also provide your guests with a bottle of drinking water and a glass on their bedside table. These items go a long way in helping keep them cool and comfortable at night. It’s another simple gesture that says you have thought about their needs.

Non-perishable snacks like nuts, chocolates, and biscuits would also make for a fantastic hamper. Your guests can nibble on them between mealtimes, meaning they won’t have to wander around the kitchen whenever they feel peckish.

Robes, Towels, and Slippers

Adding elements of hotel luxury to their room will make your guest feel special. To create a genuinely sophisticated guest experience, you should provide all the necessary items to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Your guests will probably expect you to supply them with a towel. Why not go the extra mile and provide a robe and slippers as well? These additional items are something your visitors will appreciate.

You can also transform the bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like sanctuary for your guests. Do this by selecting suitable towels. A thick white fabric would work best in this situation and set the tone for the other accessories. Items like bath bombs, candles, and scented body wash will encourage your guests to enjoy the bathroom and add to their overall experience.

Cosy Throws and Cushions

Once you’ve taken care of the major items like the bed linens and towels, you can focus on the accessories. You can use throws and pillows to add pops of colour to the room. These inexpensive items transform the space significantly and up the luxury factor.

Select items that introduce texture and vibrancy, like cable knit throws or patterned cushions. They’ll go a long way in breaking up the white of the bedsheets and towels. These items will make the room feel cosy and inviting.

Shop Bedding Sets UK

The care you display in a guest bedroom lets your family know you’re happy to have them over. It’s therefore essential to purchase quality products and pay attention to detail. When shopping for products for this room, it would be beneficial to choose bedding sets as they offer a more cohesive look.

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